World War 3: In The Making

The world is going through a dangerous phase. A major Nuclear world war or world war 3 is in the making and it can break out any point of time. The cause may be the ‘Syria conflict’ where the world powers are rallying behind the USA or Russia either by opposing or supporting the current Syrian government.  Multinational troops are already engaged in air or land attack against their own set of ‘militants’. Millions of people including children and women are getting killed in this war on a daily basis yet the world media hesitant to cover or criticise the ‘actual force’ behind the atrocities. Instead, they spread one-sided reports to gain their local support for the war. USA and NATO began air attack first against Bashar Assad’s regime and the ‘ISIS’ many years ago when the world started thinking that it is not enough to counter ISIS then we saw Russian military moving in and started their own air attack against the ISIS who is fighting against the Syrian government forces.

Here the question remains is who is supplying arms and ammunition to the rebels? The shocking report emerging from the war zone is that once a mere terrorist group ISIS is now becoming a full-fledged fighting force using Tanks, armoured vehicles, Scud missiles, Sam missiles etc which are used by the Iraqi and US armies during Gulf war. Amidst of this, there were ‘accidental air drop’ of lethal weapons to Syrian rebels aka ISIS by the USA.

It is evident that the so-called world powers do not have any intention to stop the bombing of innocent people in near future. Many cities, civilian apartments, hospitals, schools all are in rubbles. This war looks like a long term war and can be the ‘mother’ of a full-fledged  Nuclear World War.



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