MH 17 & MH 370 of Malaysian Airliners Hit by Missile?

Whist the mystery of the sudden disappearance of Malaysian Airliner’s MH 370 still not resolved, the missile hit MH 17 over Ukraine, resulted in killing of all 298 passengers on board, invites serious debates as and why the commercial airlines are getting hit by military missiles as there were ‘controversial reports’ that MH 340 too has been hit by a ‘US missile’ over the Indian Ocean during a military drills.  The MH 17 was flying 33,000 above Ukrainian air space when it was shot down. Both Ukraine and Russian Separatists blame each other for disaster as both sides have the Buk M1 missile which can hit a target up to 80,000 feet.

It is also evident that the missile of this caliber can be fired only by well trained men by the military. Russia has been accused by the Western nations for supporting Russian Separatists by providing them with sophisticated arms like tanks, missiles and assault rifles etc and even train them to wage war against Ukraine to separate Eastern Ukraine to Russia. US President and the UK was quick to accuse Russia for its support and supply of arms to the Separatists, though they were ‘sleeping’ while Israel attacked Gaza using air, sea and ground attacks and killing more than 270 people. It clearly shows the double standards of the Westerners as they are not at all empathetic to the poor population of Gaza state which does not have any military, fighter planes, tanks or any sophisticated warfare against the most modern Israeli military.

Lets hope that in the coming days the truth will reveal through a joint international investigation led by UN and unfold the mystery and punish the culprits.


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