‘Fatwas’ of President Donal Trump

Trump Fatwas or Trump’s controversial executive orders making furore all over the world as it is blamed to be anti-Muslim, anti-Refugee, anti-Immigrant with a flavor of racism. Executive orders do not require US Congress approval and legally binding

Travel ban to people from 7 Muslim countries – Trump ‘Fatwas’

Trump fatwas – It bans travel from seven majority Muslim countries such as Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen excluding Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia or Turkey. The intention is said to be controlling terrorist entries from these Muslim dominated countries where the USA has started the war or supporting Civil wars, both politically and financially for decades. An interesting fact is that immigrants from any of these 7 countries have not committed any terrorist attacks on US soil for the last 15 years. But few attacks like 9/11 etc were blamed on Saudis, Pakistanis and Afghanis.  After the executive order being issued travellers returning from these seven countries with permanent residentship or green cards in the USA has been stopped or detained in foreign airports. He even fired the Attorney General who said that travel ban is not lawful.

Mexico Border Wall – Trump ‘Fatwas’ 

One of his election promises was a border wall across Mexico. Now he is keeping his word via an Executive order to seal the border against gangs and drug cartels. During elections, he termed Mexican immigrants as ‘criminals’ and ‘rapists’. With this move, he put the relationship with the neighbouring country Mexico at stake as he wants Mexico to reimburse the wall construction bill.  USA and Mexico share a common border of approximately 2000 miles/3200 km. Estimated cost of the wall is approximately 15 million US dollar which is huge and apparently, the call to share the cost from Trump is turned down by the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and also cancelled his scheduled visit to Washington to meet Trump.

Relationship with Canada also Threatening

Trump’s criticism towards NAFTA – a US free trade agreement between Canada and Mexico may adversely affect the relationship with Canada in near future. During the election campaigns, Trump expressed that Canada should not have allowed gaining its independence from the US.

Abortion and Environment – Trump ‘Fatwas’ 

The executive order against Abortion prohibits any US aid to any charity outside of the USA which promotes abortion and contraceptive services. Thought this order is not new as it has come into existence in 1984 and it was on and off among the past US Presidents but this time the order goes further as it prohibits funding for HIV/Aids prevention and treatment, some domestic violence programmes, maternal and child health, nutrition and the fight against several infectious diseases including malaria, TB and certain tropical diseases.

Trump also revived the Keystone XL pipeline between the US and Canada and the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAP), which has been the subject of months of protests by environmentalists and revoked by former President Obama.


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