Trump’s New Iran Sanctions

Trump Iran Sanction – The Trump administration on Friday imposed sanctions on Iran, which it said were just “initial steps” and said Washington would no longer turn a “blind eye” to Iran’s hostile actions. The sanctions on 25 individuals and entities were the opening salvo by President Donald Trump who has vowed a more aggressive policy against Tehran and came two days after the administration had put Iran ‘on notice’ following a ballistic missile test.

trump fatwas

‘Fatwas’ of President Donal Trump

Trump Fatwas or Trump’s controversial executive orders making furore all over the world as it is blamed to be anti-Muslim, anti-Refugee, anti-Immigrant with a flavor of racism. It bans travel from seven majority Muslim countries such as Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen excluding Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia or Turkey. The intention is said to be controlling terrorist entries from these Muslim dominated countries

UN Passed Resolution Against Israeli Settlements

The Security Council reaffirmed this afternoon that Israel’s establishment of settlements in Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, had no legal validity, constituting a flagrant violation under international law and a major obstacle to the vision of two States living side-by-side in peace and security, within internationally recognised borders. Adopting resolution 2334 (2016)…

Saudi Arabia’s Role in Destabilising Middle East

Analysing Saudi Arabian royals, considered to be’Islamic’ but doing everything against the principles of Islam and became the strongest ally of Isreal and the West by bombing innocents, not showing humanity for the refugees, instrumental in creating bogus Jihad by supporting and funding terrorist groups, drug and arms trafficking, involved in prohibited businesses etc. Palestinian…

mh 17

MH 17 & MH 370 of Malaysian Airliners Hit by Missile?

Whist the mystery of the sudden disappearance of Malaysian Airliner’s MH 370 still not resolved, the missile hit MH 17 over Ukraine, resulted in killing of all 298 passengers on board, invites serious debates as and why the commercial airlines are getting hit by military missiles as there were ‘controversial reports’ that MH 340 too…

ethnic cleansing of palestinians

274 Palestinians Killed in Israel’s ‘Ethnic Cleanse’

Israel’s latest(July 7th 2014) attack on Palestinian territories are aimed at its so called agenda of ‘ethnic cleansing’. They murder mostly civilian population including women and children with its state of the art fighter jets, bombs, missiles, tanks, drones and other electrical war fares, mostly supplied by the United States of America against an ‘enemy’…